While on scratch, I saw someone remixed my project, decided to check it out, and when I checked it out, I WAS FREAKED OUT.

This person is named "DiePyrocynic".


First, Eclipse. Eclipse doesn't look bad, except for that hat and gun. Next off, after his paper is hanged, HORRIBLE, he becomes a MILITARY SOLDIER WITH A REAL GUN. Mr. Re looks like an animatronic which decided to either poor ketchup on his mouth or kill someone. Blocky isn't bad, UNTIL WE SEE HIS LEFT. He's crying ketchup, his next animation is where he gets SLICED, and then the next scene? WHAT. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. EYES FALL OUT. HE LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER ANIMATRONIC. Aura of Night isn't bad, it just has "plot" on it when it's going left. "Nighty" has some pretty bad stuff stuffed into it. Don't get me started, but the next thing he becomes a guy. His face now looks like the evil guy who did the 2001 disaster. Wildmango is nothing, but then... YIP. His front became a more scary green-red Nebu. His side is a robot. I hope Flighty doesn't become the next one to be sliced up.


It's not bad, except the eyes which look like Noodles from Clay Jam. Also, they turned green. Oh yeah, the Game Factory has a ugly written thing on it. While they're running from the Plot, Blocky says we don't need a plan, and then he says that to turn up the music. The cliff has firefighters floating saying not to jump because they've got there whole life ahead of you. Eclipse has a key which is the PLOT ARMOR. The Hallowed Desert now looks like a crazed thing. Blocky says holllowed poopstorm, combined with fire, which isn't bad, until... cancer storm. This totally is unacceptable behavior. Eclipse mentions he's being assulted, by I think these "villains". If you were to reverse "Nighty's" text, it mentions this: he insulted SOMEONE'S sister, and then he says he is... a horrible person. Wildmango says he's a navy seal operative, then saying that he messed with one of his family member in the Youtube section and says "YOU'RE GOIN' DIE!". Next he says that Dennis always gets his man. I hope that's something not bad. Eclipse screams random stuff and then says IT'S THE PLOT. Wildmango says the car is useless in any conceivable way. We go to questions, no question, Wildmango says HARD QUESTION, then he says he literally "Didn't do nothing". Then, this scene is quite messed up, because it's supposed to be Blocky wearing (insert any costumes here) attacking them, and making them scream. Instead, he says calmly, to get out of the car because someone decided violence is the only solution out of ignorance.

What's next? They dive into a ketchup pool?

What to do

Optional: Go to his profile and say to stop this ketchup projects. If he doesn't stop, block him.

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