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  • I live in OSC and my Wikis! Including some others.
  • My occupation is TFFM and SSLW!
  • I am Not TSRITW's sockpuppet. Please believe me. Just made an icon of him.
  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    While on scratch, I saw someone remixed my project, decided to check it out, and when I checked it out, I WAS FREAKED OUT.

    This person is named "DiePyrocynic".

    First, Eclipse. Eclipse doesn't look bad, except for that hat and gun. Next off, after his paper is hanged, HORRIBLE, he becomes a MILITARY SOLDIER WITH A REAL GUN. Mr. Re looks like an animatronic which decided to either poor ketchup on his mouth or kill someone. Blocky isn't bad, UNTIL WE SEE HIS LEFT. He's crying ketchup, his next animation is where he gets SLICED, and then the next scene? WHAT. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. EYES FALL OUT. HE LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER ANIMATRONIC. Aura of Night isn't bad, it just has "plot" on it when it's going left. "Nighty" has some pretty bad stuff stuffed into…

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Follow the rules, and have fun!

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