Awesomely Amazing is the first game of the new trilogy. It has way new characters you can fight and new worlds.


  1. Diadelosmuertos - A mexican skeleton.
  2. Nighty - Same original character with new look.
  3. Hidden - Phantom Bedbug.
  4. Magishroom - The same thing as saying Magishroom. Only difference is the cap.
  5. Terra - Ent of the forest.
  6. Flyclops - Levo's replacement.
  7. Arrpatch - Pirate.
  8. Blocky - New design expected for him.
  9. Lighty - Same original character with new look and personality.
  10. Augly - An ugly acute drawing.
  11. Obcute - A cute obtuse drawing.
  12. Agar - Lots of blobs. New design.
  13. Graw - Possible new mascot. A stealthy mole who is mischievous.
  14. Riotrace - An atheletic cartoon bunny.
  15. TSRITW - The most epic REKTangle.

New Champions

  1. Volcan - A gigantic volcano beast which is born from the volcano. Spits out fire usually. Most dangerous attack is the lava stinger.
  2. Nepta - A legendary mermaid who attacks with a trident which shoots out crystallized water bullets. Defends the sea.
  3. Bloomia - Returning. A flower which uses plant magic to defend her forest.
  4. Kazoos - A colossal thundercloud which is shaped like a lightning bolt. Radiates with electricity.
  5. Brightim - Returning. An odd thing which attacks with prism explosions and hot lights.
  6. Sirumare - A deadly centaur who is thought to kill plenty of people. Uses black holes to attack.
  7. Goolock - A poison robot which spits deadly chemicals.
  8. Freezicle - A legendary yuki-onna which has one icicle for feet. Ice is super cold.
  9. Boxinbunch - A brawler which has extreme strength. You can't stop him unless you tell him to stop; which is impossible.
  10. Creepstar - A mutant which has hands for legs. For teeth, it's eyes. Spits out nuclear waste.
  11. Jetter - A jet-harpy hyprid who uses missiles to attack. Works for the aerial defenses.
  12. Substiduck - A duck which has a bad temper. Attacks are based off of cartoons.
  13. Genigan - A genie (female djinns) which resides in her special, enchanted bottle. Not else is known.
  14. Stellarstar - A girl who has the knowlegde about space. Has the ability to hover.
  15. Spooky - A grim reaper who's remains are the key to attacking him. Afraid of the light, also.
  16. Goligole - Formely Crusher. A golem who is extremely strong and can lift one skyscraper. Is a titan.
  17. Blinkart - An enchanted artist who uses an enchanted paintbrush which is alive and can paint rainbows.
  18. Sizzlebang - A mad scientist who uses potions to attack. It's not a good idea to jump on him.
  19. Xmu - A gigantic mech which has super destructive moves. Watch out.
  20. Dragolor - A wise wyvern who has the power to predict the future.
  21. Seth - A digital knight who uses RPG attacks such as Fire-2 or Attack.
  22. Tunerocky - A girl who is known to perform in many operas. Can't perform a rap.
  23. Logibrain - A mastermind who has a gigantic brain. Can freeze one's brain with a Brain Freezer Orb.
  24. Repellion - A magnet-lightsaber hybrid who has been abandoned in a lightsaber factory. He was remade into a robot WHICH DOESN'T include the Robot Element.
  25. Jugglarty - A clown who is obese because of the foods she eat.
  26. Pudge the Judge - The president of Amazing Arena. He likes to challenge people in the final challenge.
  27. ??? - Unknown. Element: Secret.