Amazing Puyo Puyo is the second part of Amazing, where Flighty goes on some bizarre adventures, trying to find Pete. Pete, on the other side, is trying to survive alot of dangers in the Night Realm, for example, berserk Jawgs and Nixels.

NOTE: The Zodiac 12 is a reference to what they might be in 7 star, also a reference to Icarus.

New Characters

  • Ocean Prince
  • Lunk
  • Burnard
  • Monica
  • Slumbo
  • Ruka
  • Pulco
  • Claude
  • Bernard
  • Lymn Lpud
  • Mio
  • Chelsea
  • Paula
  • Zan
  • Lyrica
  • Elsword
  • Wacht
  • Add
  • Tee
  • Tilura
  • Marvett
  • Rozema
  • Bestoll aka Vestor
  • Algar
  • Zodiac 12 (11/12)
    • Sada, Aquarius Knight
    • Alrischa, Pisces Light Mage
    • Hamal
    • Elnath
    • Pollux, Gemini Twins (and Orbitar Brawlers)
    • Praesepe, Cancer Pincher (which shoots bubble beams)
    • Regulus (and Lee), Leo Merchant(?) and Leo Blaster
    • Chamali, Libra Cleaner (despite Libra Sponge)
    • Shaula, Scorpio Jabber
    • Rukbat, Sagittarius Archer
    • Dabih & Dabby, Capricorn... umm... 

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